La Barca del Salamanca (Barcelona)


About La Barca del Salamanca (Barcelona)

La Barca del Salamanca seafood restaurant is an excellent choice for diners with halal dietary requirements who wish to enjoy the Mediterranean seafood cuisine of the Iberian Peninsula. Located in Barcelona’s Olympic Port near the fishermen’s area, it offers different types of its top dish, paella (seafood, cod, lobster, vegetable, black rice, and more), as well as fideuà and local fish and seafood sourced directly from the port or brought in from the Bay of Biscay, such as monkfish and turbot. For meat lovers, the menu includes the best halal-certified meats from Salamanca and house cured meats. The space features different rooms, some of them completely private, a terrace and a canopy, making it ideal for family celebrations, business lunches or romantic evenings with your partner.

In addition, La Barca del Salamanca offers group menus that include several seafood dishes to share, paella, a choice of beef or fish and dessert at prices as affordable as €28 (drinks not included), which can be tailored to the needs of halal diners.

Halal-friendly options at this establishment

Amenities for halal customers

La Barca del Salamanca (Barcelona)

Moll de Gregal, 17, 08005 Barcelona

932 21 18 37

Opening Hours

Every day from 1:00pm to 12:00am

Approximate Rate

Monday-Friday Menu for 28€

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