Selection of the best halal-friendly services in Spain

Yummuah is a travel experience agency that offers a selection of halal-friendly products, goods and services in different parts of Spain beyond the reach of the general public, providing a unique experience to Arab tourism and the millions of people around the world who embrace Islam.

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Selection of halal-friendly services by Yummuah

Yummuah’s specialists provide immersive experiences by carefully selecting and reviewing the places, products, goods and services on offer using their extensive knowledge of the local area and of Islam. Yummuah gets ahead of the guidebooks and certifying bodies by discovering hidden halal gems that meet the most rigorous standards.


We select flights in accordance with Muslim customs, including alcohol-free halal dining, call to prayer and spaces for ablution and prayer, qibla direction, permitted entertainment, etc.


Our guests will feel at home at the hotels found in our catalogue. They will have certified halal food, no alcohol or gambling, separate bathing and fitness areas for men and women, an oratory or mosque nearby and much more.


Our selection of halal-friendly restaurants offers an immersive local experience that will delight those who want to play it safe with familiar flavours as well as those eager to discover new dishes.


We organise events that are culturally inclusive and permitted by the Qur’an, such as weddings and informal or MICE business meetings, with services, products and practices in line with Islamic principles.


We provide our customers with beauty and wellness salons (hairdressing and barber shops, spas, etc.) that not only work with halal cosmetic products but also maintain separate areas for men and women.


We have an exclusive directory of health care providers who comply with the principles and values of Islam, including halal drugs and food, special attention to patient privacy and Islamic medical ethics, etc.


We have agreements in place with several shopping centres whose fashion, beauty and catering establishments are known for their hospitality, exclusivity and respect for the beliefs of Muslim tourists.

Family leisure

Our halal-friendly experiences for families include films suitable for a Muslim audience, nature excursions, trips to water parks, visits to museums or aquariums, art workshops, sports and much more.

Local culinary experiences aligned with Islamic tradition

Spain is one place where food is the determining factor for travellers who choose it as a destination. Gastronomy is a fundamental aspect of its culture and history, and it is possible to enjoy Spanish cuisine locally without renouncing Islamic requirements. Enjoy an exquisite paella, a refreshing gazpacho or some delicious tapas at our recommended restaurants.

Yummuah Halal Selection

Travel in accordance with the principles of your faith
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Travelling allows us to appreciate the magnificence of God’s creations. That is why we cater to Muslim travellers who want to enjoy our destinations without compromising their faith.

Yummuah Halal Selection destinations

Spanish cities where you can enjoy halal-friendly services and hospitality geared towards the Muslim public.







Exclusive experiences

Women’s hour

At Yummuah, we boast an exclusive offer of experiences for women specially designed and tested by our experts, including spas, swimming pools, shops and beauty salons exclusively for women, sports, artistic workshops and much more. What's more, many of the activities are also suitable for young children. We also provide our clients with information on beaches with private access throughout Spain and hotels with private pools.

Are you thinking about travelling to Spain and need to ensure a halal-friendly stay?

Yummuah Halal Selection is a travel experience agency in Spain geared towards individuals and companies from the Muslim world whose needs we understand and represent. Thanks to our extensive connections with halal providers and our unparalleled local knowledge, we offer our customers experiences beyond the piecemeal, untested services found on the Internet that exhibit no original or creative vision. At Yummuah, we offer unique, certified, customer-proven experiences that we evaluate continuously to guarantee quality.

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