Halal in Madrid

Madrid is the only western capital founded by Muslims — during the kingdom of Al-Andalus — making it a popular destination for the Ummah. A legendary city open to visitors from all cultures, Madrid boasts a unique combination of architecture, museums, gastronomy, shopping and a lively nightlife.

Our selection of halal-friendly establishments in Madrid

Our halal-friendly services in Madrid


More than two million visitors from Muslim-majority countries pass through Spain each year, and they want to fly in accordance with the customs of their faith. We offer these travellers a partner who can manage their flights to or from any country with an alcohol-free halal meal, call to prayer and spaces for ablution and prayer, qibla direction, suitable entertainment and much more.


We believe that suitable accommodation for Muslim guests should not be limited to the superficial, but rather should focus on the details: we have a portfolio of hotels, villas and apartments for all budgets that offer no alcohol or gambling, have an oratory or mosque nearby, display the qibla, have halal and vegan menus, guarantee privacy for both sexes, facilitate fasting during Ramadan, etc.


Halal dining in Spain need not be limited to dishes familiar to the Muslim traveller, although there is also a wide range of international restaurants. We guide our customers through local cuisine adapted to halal needs, where they can sample everything from tapas such as pescaito frito [fried fish], Galician octopus or potato omelette, to dishes such as Valencian paella, Madrid-style stew or Andalusian gazpacho.


Spain is the third most popular country in the world for business travel, especially from Muslim-majority countries. Cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Seville offer a wonderful climate, gastronomy, culture and leisure, diverse surroundings (beaches, mountains, countryside, etc.) and personalised treatment, excellent services and respect for their beliefs.


At Yummuah Halal Selection, we have forged excellent relationships with beauty salons, spas, hairdressers, barber shops, and more to provide Muslim tourists with an experience that meets the needs of their faith. These establishments not only work with halal or vegan products, but they also offer separate areas for men and women and are conscious of practices permissible by the Qur’an.

Caring for your health

Accessing halal-friendly health services can be complicated outside the Muslim traveller’s home country. At Yummuah Halal Selection, we have a select portfolio of healthcare providers that comply with Islamic practices and values, including halal drugs and food, special attention to the privacy of patients and companions, Islamic medical ethics, dedicated medical teams for men and women, etc.


More and more travellers are choosing Spanish cities for shopping, where unique shops sell exclusive products representative of the local culture. We offer Muslim travellers a portfolio of establishments ranging from shopping centres and boutiques to food and flea markets with personalised services, whether for buying gifts or finding products not found elsewhere.

Having fun with your family

Because we understand the importance of family in the Ummah community, we offer plans that will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones. Enjoy cinema suitable for Muslim audiences, personalised outdoor picnics, sports activities such as skiing, paddle surfing or horse riding, excursions to the sea or mountains, visits to museums or aquariums, adventure activities such as hot air ballooning or snorkelling, and much more.

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