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Manufacturing such as high efficiency and speed

Continuous-wave (CW) lasers are sources that continuously pump and emit light and we can employ them in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries as well as the medical sector. They provide great benefits in manufacturing such as high efficiency and speed. Nevertheless, high energy concentration not always is the best possible ally, because it can generate very fast cooling rates and generate brittle structures. An example is hot cracking.

Industrial sectors like automotive or aerospace

New and disruptive methodology

The idea of the project is to create a methodology of application-driven laser beam, by tailoring the material microstructure and deploying this beam to solve hot-cracking in LBW (Laser Beam welding) and SLM (Solid Laser Melting).

Custodian promotes the collaboration between different European partners such as RTOs, companies or clusters experts in complementary fields like: laser-based manufacturing know-how, solutions in LBW and SLM, monitoring and control.

The industrial deployment of the project results relies mainly on high-tech SMEs, since there are some industrial partners in the consortium (CAILABS, PRECITEC, NIT and SECPHO). However, the presence of two big companies with substantial market in automotive (Magnetti Marelli), energy and aerospace (GFM) sectors ensures wide implementation of the project results.

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